Handmade Artisan Candles

Crafted from American Soy Wax

Burn better candles.

Handmade in Small Batches

From hand-pouring the wax to mixing fragrances we do everything by hand to ensure the best quality of every product.

Scents of the Season

Each fall we release our much-anticipated seasonal lines. We take pride in their rustic packaging and deliciously curated scents. Get them while they last, they're only around for a short time!

Our Story

Growing up on the Prairie, I have a deep & abiding love for it & the salt-of-the-Earth type people who make it their home. I have tried to create a candle line with scents that capture the memories & nostalgia that surround it's unique heritage. I also wanted a product that makes you feel good about your purchase. Its not only environmentally friendly, it supports the American farmer by using soybean wax.

Preserving the prairie & supporting the people of it is what this company is all about. 

-Amanda Johnson, Owner