Fall Melts

The same delicious, autumn scents in our 3 oz soy melts. Because fall and candles go hand in hand. Once the cooler weather hits, all it really takes is the scent of sweet apple, pumpkin, or cinnamon to put you in the coziest of moods. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like a flickering wick to complete the ambiance you’ve created with your fall decor. That’s why we've curated some of the best scents in soy melts yet in our fall collection below. 
Fall Melts
19 results
Apple & Pumpkin Melt
Apple Butter Melt
Autumn Farmhouse Melt
Bourbon & Caramel Melt
Campfire Flannel Melt
Gather Melt
Gather Melt
Hello Fall Melt
Hocus Pocus Melt
Honey & Pear Melt
Maple Pecan Pie Melt
Moonlit Hayride Melt
Mulled Cider Melt
October Nights Melt
Orange Peel & Pecan Melt
Pumpkin & Blueberry Melt
Pumpkin & Vanilla Melt
Pumpkin Spice Latte Melt
Warm Bourbon & Honey Melt
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