Green Hobnail Glass Candle


Beautiful, sage green hobnail glassware featuring some of our favorite scents. We love that these glasses can be repurposed into gorgeous drinking glasses. Some how these glasses feel updated and vintage all at the same time. With inspiration from generations of the past and updated design right here in the USA. Grab two and make a set!

10 oz

    Scent Options:

    Pineapple Sage: Fresh cut pineapple, earthy sage, and bright, green leaves.

    Prairie Plum: Notes of ripe. wild plums, crushed sugar cane, lemon peel and bottom notes of sweet huckleberry and vanilla.

    Mango & Pineapple: Sweet mango, pineapple, tart passion fruit, green apple, orchid leaves, and hints musky base notes

    Lavender & Coconut Milk: Soothing lavender on a background of warm coconut milk with subtle hints of white musk. (The perfect bath time or night time candle)

    The Badlands: Notes of amber resin, sandalwood and cedar with just a hint of western prairie orchid. It’s complex, earthy and beautiful.

    The Gentleman: A masculine scent with top notes of cedar, pine and moss layered with tobacco and tonka bean.

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