Aqua Embossed Mini Candle


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New, smaller 4oz sized glassware in a gorgeous embossed aqua jar! Hand poured into a completely recyclable reusable decorative jar. 

Burn time: 20 hours


Niobrara Rose: Notes of wild white roses, crisp greens, sweet vanilla, musk and tart citrus

Pomegranate Lemonade: Tangy pomegranate mingles with Lemonade and strawberry with hints of creamy vanilla and refreshing lime.

Tobacco & Cedar: A rich and smooth fragrance with notes of wild honey, amber, tobacco, undertones of cedar and spiced honey.

Little Bluestem: A slightly herbal and earthy scent with notes of musk, grasses, tobacco leaf and undertones of cedar.

Morning Glory: is a creamy and soft blend of delicate petals, dewy green leaves and a touch of calming jasmine. 



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