The Every Day Candle Collection

Our Every Day Candle Collection is available year-round. Each 16oz Mason Jar Candles, hand poured with 100% Natural Soy Wax and offers 80-100+ hours burn time. 
The Every Day Candle Collection
44 results
American Cotton Candle
Amish Kitchen - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Brown Sugar & Vanilla Bean Candle
Café Latte - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Caramel Crumble Candle
Citrus and Sunshine Candle
Colorado Skies Candle
Cucumber & Mint Candle
Sold Out
Earth & Water Candle
Sold Out
Farmhouse Candle
Grapefruit Mimosa - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Hay Meadow - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Lavender & Apple Candle
Lemon & Lavender Candle
Lime & Coconut Candle
Little Bluestem - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Morning Glory Candle
Niobrara Rose Candle
Oakmoss & Amber - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Sold Out
Orange & Chili Pepper - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Sold Out
Osage Orange Candle
Sold Out
Pineapple Sage - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Sold Out
Pink Peony & Tulips Candle
Pomegranate Lemonade Candle
Prairie Cactus Candle
Prairie Girl Signature Scent Candle
Prairie Plum Candle
Prairie Wildflowers Candle
Sacred Pine - Prairie Girl Candle Co
Sold Out
Sandalwood & Suede Candle
Sandhills Springs Candle
Sandhills Storm Candle
Smokehouse Bacon Candle
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Southern Shiplap Candle
Only 1 left!
Sugared Lemon Candle
Sunday Morning Candle
44 results
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