Flour Sack Towel: Sun Up to Sun Down - Harvest

$9.00 $16.00

We are SO thankful for our farmers & all the hard work they put in this time of year. This cute little towel is a way for us to pay tribute during harvest time.

Qualities that make flour sack towels special: 28 x 29 inches of absorbent (and adorably designed) flour sack cotton Digitally printed with water based inks Please note that since the fabric of these towels is stretchy & soft, not every towel will be the exact same size or a perfect square, and that’s the beauty of American made flour sack cotton! Comes folded and packaged with a belly band, prepared to add a warm touch to your kitchen © Doe A Deer LLC. All Rights Reserved. Illustrations and product images may not be used or reproduced without consent.

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