Flour Sack Towel - Summer Corn

$10.00 $20.00

Some special things:

28 x 29 inches of absorbent flour sack cotton

Pattern covers ENTIRE towel Digitally printed with water based inks Loop on the back corner for hanging on hooks and knobs

Please note-the fabric of these towels is stretchy & soft, not every towel will be the exact same size or a perfect square Folded and packaged with a belly band, prepared to add a warm touch to your kitchen

Washing your full pattern towel in cold water, and allowing it to air dry is a great way to ensure the longest life for the design on your towel! These have a texture that makes them extra absorbent in nature, causing some flecks of missing color here and there on the full pattern designs - this is part of what makes these towels unique! 

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