Cocktail: STUs Bloody Mary Concentrate - Original


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Our best seller, Original Classic flavor put us on the map. Our award-winning bloody mary mix is a concentrated mixmer made with our spice blend, hot sauces and our famous pickle brine. This leaves you with a Bloody Mary that is spicy, tart and flavorful. You're left with a Bloody Mary that's perfect. Every time. STU's is a concentrate, so there's no tomato juice. That means we don't have to use nasty artificial preservatives in most mixes. It also means each bottle goes a long way. Each 16 oz bottle makes up to 16 drinks. Easy to Use: Mix 1-2 oz of STUs Original with 4-5 oz of tomato juice. Add a splash of your spirit of choice. Serve over ice. Additional Details: All Natural Ingredients NO MSG. No Artificial Preservatives. Only 5 Calories per serving. Gluten-Free Long-Lasting: Can keep refrigerated up to 6 months after opening. Versatile: One bottle can be used perfectly with tomato juice, Clamato, or any other preference.
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