Candy: Cherry Quartet


Tree-ripened, Washington cherries are slowly dried before being coated in custom milk or dark chocolate blends.

  • This mix offers four chocolate cherry varieties with different cherry centers and flavors.

What’s Inside:

  • Cabernet Cherries: Dark chocolate tempers the sourness of dried Tart cherries in this unforgettable flavor combination.

    Amaretto Rainiers: Honey-sweet cherries are naturally dried and coated with dark pastry chocolate. A unique treat from Washington State.

    Cherry Bings: Burgundy in color, these plump dried Bing cherries are surrounded by milk chocolate with pure cherry essence. Northwest grown.

    Classic Milk Cherries: Our original confection. Extra large, slow-dried Bing cherries are drenched in fine European chocolate using old-world kettles.

Real Ingredients, Minimally Processed

  • Northwest-grown cherries are air dried at a facility in Eastern Washington
  • Approximately 6-8 lbs of fresh cherries are used to create 1 dried pound
  • Dried cherries are coated with premium chocolate blends in old-fashioned copper kettles
  • All of our products are free of preservatives or anything artificial


6.75 oz

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