Blush Hobnail Glass Candle


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Some of our customer’s favorite scents lovingly poured into a beautiful, blush-colored hobnail container. See scent options below. We suggest recycling this gorgeous vessel into a flower vase or votive/tea light holder. Glassware is not suitable for food use. Decorative glass only. 

Weight: 6.2 oz (Container Measurements: 3" x 2.75")

Scent Descriptions:

Grapefruit Mimosa - A tart cocktail mixture of tangy grapefruits and champagne. An exotic and refreshing scent that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach.

Niobrara Rose - Notes of wild white roses, crisp greens, sweet vanilla, musk and tart citrus.

Morning Glory - A creamy and soft blend of delicate petals, dewy green leaves and a touch of calming jasmine.

Sugared Lemon -Sliced lemons surrounded by hints of sweet vanilla sugar and a hint warm vanilla. A sweet and tangy scent!

Lilac Blooms  -This scent is true to its name—sun drenched, late spring blooming lilacs.

Lavender & Vanilla - A soothing blend of fresh and herbal lavender blossoms, highlighted with silky vanilla bean and sweet cream.

Oakmoss & Amber -A rich, woody and musk base notes with an sultry fusion of herbs and amber. This is a unique and complex scent that appeals to both men and women.



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